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 As a little girl my earliest memories are surrounded by toys with my best friend. "linden tree" is the meaning of my name and "honey bee" is the meaning of hers. Hence, linden bee, the purest reminder of my time as a child.

And though I may have grown up amongst toys that looked way different than those I have curated for my own children, the toys, regardless of their brand, held the magic that escaped me to my imagination, my safest place. For years I would mention I'd love to own a toy shop, but when my little boys' started making mention of the same dream, we as their parents thought, let's make that dream come true for them, with them.          

Each toy in our little shop is handpicked by our three oldest children, Liam, Jude and Delphine, they've been chosen specifically because of joy realized when they themselves have played with or dreamt of having for themselves.

 It's been a pleasure parenting children and curating spaces for dreamers, filled with beautiful handmade toys. We've traveled abroad and been introduced to brands that we hope to welcome home here in this shop and then on to your homes. We take pride in searching for artisans, world wide, that practice ecologically sound business practices as well as ethically made products. The aesthetic factor is just the icing on the cake! Toys so well made and beautiful that they're heirlooms, from your children's childhood to theirs.       

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