Ada in a Dew Drop Linen Dress (Hazel Village)


When the weather is warm, Ada loves to go wading in the stream. She admires the way the water looks as it flows over rocks in the shallow part and the mysteries of the murky depths where she might see a turtle. When her legs get too cold, she sits on the stream bank and makes little braided contraptions from wild grasses.

Ada comes dewdrop linen dress. She can share and trade clothes with the other Hazel Village friends because they are all the same size. She also comes with organic cotton underwear. You can order her in this outfit or dress her in any of our doll clothes, below - many have matching options for children!

Product Details:

Ada is made of organic cotton jersey and stuffed with washable polyfill. She is 14 inches tall, the same size as all the other Hazel Village dolls and animals, so she can share clothes with them. Ada's face and toes are hand embroidered with cotton thread. Her pigtails are made of black organic cotton fleece fabric, and they are fun to braid and tie with ribbons. You can hand wash Ada and her clothes as necessary.

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